In-Pipe Robot


Robotic Pipeline Inspection

We help you make your pipelines safe


Unknown and unpredictable conditions in aging Water & Wastewater pipelines create the potential for loss of containment and other emergencies.

In-Pipe Robot provides robotic solutions with advanced software to help Water & Wastewater companies inspect their pipelines and dramatically reduce maintenance costs and time while ensuring safe operations.

We provide you with a proactive approach that allows you to take full control over your budget by forecasting potential issues in your systems.


Value Propositions

Money savings.png
Time savings.png

Significant pipeline maintenance costs and time reduction

Optimizing replacement programs to areas of need

Predictive analysis.png
Autonomous motion.png

Safety improvements

Сlear picture of your pipeline conditions

Comprehensive inspection

100% coverage


Pipeline inspection functionality

  • Pipeline mapping

  • Profilometry

  • Digital Twin

  • Predictive analysis

Digital twin

Easily start with In-Pipe Robot

  1. Perform a Pilot with us.

  2. Receive your in-pipe robots.

  3. Pass a two-week hands-on training program.

  4. Enjoy your safe, smart, and easy-to-do inspection.​

Key features

  • Realtime adjustable from 6" - 36" (150 mm - 920 mm) diameter

  • Vertical sections, T-junctions1D bends and elbows

  • Inspection distance potential up to 1.25 miles (2 km)

  • 1-click software installation

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