In-Pipe Robot


Robotic Pipeline Inspection

for the Most Challenging Cases


In-Pipe Robot provides solutions for inspection and analysis of industrial and main pipelines of any configuration.

Our target sectors:

  • Energy (Thermal and Renewable).

  • Utility.

  • Mining.

  • Chemical.

  • Food & Beverages.

  • Oil and Gas.

Complex pipeline.png

Complex shape pipeline inspection

  • 90 deg. branches.

  • Vertical sections.

  • T-branches.

  • Diameter changes.

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Comprehensive Inspection

   100% coverage


Pipeline inspection

  • Teleinspection.

  • Pipeline map reconstruction.

  • Profilometry.

  • Digital Twin / Pipeline 3D-model reconstruction.

  • Thickness measurement (under development).

  • Non-destructive testing (under development).

  • Predictive analysis (under development).


Value Propositions

Money savings.png

Up to 75% of pipeline maintenance costs reduction

On schedule and precise detection of defects allows preventing emergencies and losses of raw material.

Time savings.png

Up to 75% of pipeline maintenance time reduction

High velocity and usage of several NDT-methods simultaneously allow decreasing the required inspection time dramatically.

Predictive analysis.png

Predictive analysis

Analysis of the pipeline inspection allows making a conclusion regarding the pipeline conditions and its remained lifetime of safety exploitation.


Visual-based inspection

This configuration of the robot was specifically adjusted to inspect pipes in manufacturing.

It provides teleinspection. If it's needed, NDT equipment or any other sensors/tools might be attached as well.


NDT-based inspection

The robot consists of different modules. Each of them is devoted to performing its particular tasks.

Depending on your needs, it's possible to select the required configuration.

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