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In-Pipe Robot


Robotic Pipeline Inspection

We help you make your pipelines safe

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100-year-old aging Wastewater infrastructure

has regular overflows, ​pipe collapses, and sinkholes.

The piping systems should be inspected regularly to avoid significant consequences.

But are you really happy with the way you do it now?

Pipeline inspection with existing CCTV crawlers takes lots of effort & costs you a fortune?

  • Bends in a pipe & Drop-offs are still an obstacle for your inspection crew?

  • Traffic control makes you crazy?

  • Pre-Clean & Jetting doubles the inspection time & budget required?

  • Inspection equipment breaks cause huge downtimes?

  • No real difference between the vendors but price?

Does that sound familiar?

Are you ready for significant Inspection Operations Improvements?


you with the

Next-generation pipe inspection Robots

Our Robots:

  1. Extremely maneuverable and can inspect multiple drop-offs and 45 & 90-deg. bends.

  2. Have extremely high traction, can skip manholes, and inspect up to 1 mile in a single run.

  3. Lightweight at the same time.

  4. Can be used for TV to Clean purposes.

  5. Don’t require a special van (use any vehicle you want).

Try it, and:

  1. Increase the daily inspection efficiency by up to 2 times.

  2. Reduce traffic control needs.

  3. Significantly decrease the inspection operations costs.

  4. Get the best Quality Data.

// Your inspection crew will love it!                       



Not a problem

Interested in how we deal with that?

Key features:

  • 8-27" diameters

  • Extreme traction (up to 1 mile)

  • Lightweight (up to 29 lbs)

  • Extreme maneuverability

    • Any pipe configuration & slope​

    • Any pipe material with just one setting (forget about wheel changing)

    • Weird pipe shapes (egg-shape included)

    • Real-time diameter adjustment (don't waste time on pre-adjustments)

  • Portable (use any vehicle you want)

  • Autopilot with a manual control option & real-time data transmission

  • Perfectly centered HD video image with great stabilization


  • PACP format

  • Pipeline Digital Twin

  • Inspection data compatibility with any Software

Digital twin

Easy start with In-Pipe Robot:

  1. Get your Robots delivered.

  2. 1-click Robots set-up + Free 1-week supervising.

  3. Enjoy the new way of inspection!

// No downtimes - if anything happens, we will replace a robot free of charge.

Want to learn more?

OR CALL +1 (610) 973-4165

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